Supplied local healthcare providers with anti-parasitic medication sufficient to treat one million children for intestinal parasites (soil-transmitted helminthiasis).



Supplied Maun General Hospital with operating theatre equipment and associated goods.


Conducted a continued-education seminar on HIV/AIDS for physicians in Maun.


Staffed an existing medical clinic in Okavango Delta where 222 patients were examined and received appropriate medication.


Provided medication, medical equipment, and supplies for distribution among hospitals and clinics in and around Maun. Also, the shipping container used to ship the cargo was converted into office space for a local NGO.


Purchased a boat to be converted into a mobile clinic to provide medical care to villages along the Okavango River.


Supplied Delta Medical Centre in Maun with various medical equipment.


Contracted the building and outfitting of a mobile medical clinic for Delta Medical Centre in Maun.


Supplied Delta Medical Centre in Maun with x-ray and other medical equipment.


Supplied Delta Medical Center in Maun with medication and medical equipment.


Supplied a teaching laboratory in Maun with new microscopes, chemicals and other equipment.


Provided medical care and the appropriate medication to hundreds of bushmen throughout several villages in extremely remote regions of the Kalahari Desert near Namibia. The visiting IMO team utilized the mobile medical clinic previously provided to Delta Medical Centre.



Supplied a health clinic near Bujumbura with medication and medical supplies.


Funded the construction and staffing of Kwizera Health Center in Bubanza. Kwizera Health Center is operated in partnership with Communities of Hope.


Supplied a primary school in Bubanza with textbooks and other books.


Launched a comprehensive effort to sustainably treat and prevent intestinal parasites (soil-transmitted helminthiasis) in all 470 children enrolled in the two schools of a hillside community in Bubanza.


Continued to stock and restock Kwizera Health Center with medication and supplies.



Provided shoes for distribution to 7,347 school children in the Fayoum Governorate.


Supplied a Cairo hospital with anti-parasitic medication sufficient to treat two million children for intestinal parasites (soil-transmitted helminthiasis). This medication treated children in Cairo as well as Upper Egypt, Sudan and Yemen.


Examined and treated several hundred children in the Fayoum Governorate.



Supplied a hospital in Addis Ababa with twenty-five electric beds and mattresses.



Supplied a hospital in Nalirigu with a variety of medical equipment.



Provided general medical care and medication to hundreds of patients and provided anti-parasitic medications for the entire population of a small town north of Kitale. 


Outfitted an orphanage in Kitale with mosquito nets.


Conducted continued-medical-education and on site clinical instruction to the clinical staff of Sister Freda's Cottage Hospital near Mt. Elgon.


Conducted continued-medical-education seminars for physicians in Kitale.


Vaccinated hundreds of students and provided general medical care and the appropriate medication throughout several schools in the Kibera area of Nairobi.


Coordinated the healthcare needs of a young boy whose face had been mauled by wild dogs when his mother had evidently left him on a pile of garbage in the slums of Nairobi. This included obtaining agreement from a team of physicians and a hospital in the U.S.A. to provide the necessary series of reconstructive surgeries. 


Provided HIV care to orphans in Dagoretti and set up an HIV / TB care oversight program of homebound HIV positive patients and orphans confined to institutional care.


An IMO medical and surgical team consisting of various specialties examined and operated on patients in Nairobi Women's Hospital and Kenyatta Hospital. This team also conducted continued-medical-education in addition to providing medical equipment and instruments to physicians and other healthcare providers.


Performed health maintenance exams, distributed anti-parasitic medication, and administered typhoid vaccinations throughout several schools in Kibera, Dagoretti, Dandora and Mathare. One school's entire student population received new shoes.


Performed health maintenance exams, distributed medication, and administered vaccinations to several hundred students enrolled in primary schools in Huruma, Ndarugo, and Gacharye.


Provided medical care and the appropriate medication, including the administration of polio vaccinations, in the remote Turkana area.


Supplied a clinic in Kitale with a variety of medications.



Supplied Malawi's Ministry of Health with one and a half million doses of anti-parasitic medication.



Supplied Christian Memorial Hospital in Benin City with a variety of medication and medical equipment.


Supplied a small medical center in Idiroko, Ogun State with a variety of medical supplies.


Supplied Faith Medical Center in Benin City with medication and operating theater equipment.

Sierra Leone


Supplied an NGO based in Freetown with medications for nationwide distribution.



Supplied the Ophthalmology Department of Mvumi Hospital with various medical equipment.


Provided medical assistance, toothbrushes, and toys to the children at Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha. Also provided toothbrushes to hundreds of schoolchildren throughout Arusha as part of a public health campaign.


Conducted seminars focused on AIDS and its transmission to thousands of students at several secondary schools and institutions in Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions. 


Funded the surgery of a young man suffering from a very painful, debilitating, growing tumor on his face.


Provided medical attention and medications to a woman living with AIDS who had been cast out by her own family. Her children also received meals and were fitted with eyeglasses. 


Funded the finishing construction of several schools as well as the purchase of needed school supplies for hundreds of students.


Distributed anti-parasitic medication, performed home visits of HIV/AIDS patients, and provided examinations and medications throughout Arusha.


An IMO multi-specialty (urology, neurosurgery, physical rehabilitation, infectious disease, rheumatology, internal medicine) medical-surgical team performed over 300 medical examinations and surgeries of school children and distributed anti-parasitic medication in Arusha.


Provided textbooks and educational workbooks for dispersal among several schools in the Majengo-Arusha Municipality.


Funded the updating and remodeling of a home for HIV+ orphans.   


Provided a school in Arusha with textbooks and educational workbooks ; funded the remodeling and furnishing of an HIV orphan home; and examined, treated, vaccinated, and de-wormed those living with HIV/AIDS in the Arusha area.



Conducted a continued-medical-education seminar focusing on HIV/AIDS for students, healthcare workers, and physicians at Makere University in Kampala.


Distributed food and much needed medications to the inmates (who were ill with malaria, typhoid fever, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other tropical diseases) of Lake Murchison Prison near Kampala. The children of these same prisoners – who lived in the prison with their incarcerated parents – received food to supplement their meager diets as well as soap to decrease the incidence of skin disease prevalent in the conditions in which they lived. 


Delivered additional food and medications to the inmates of Lake Murchison Prison because of the overwhelming need.


Provided medical care and medication to patients and supplied Nyapea Hospital with a variety of medical equipment. Also provided all students and staff at 22 schools in Zombo with anti-parasitic medication.


Purchased medications and medical equipment from a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Kampala and delivered the same to Nyapea Hospital in Zombo District.  


An IMO medical specialty team consisting of specialists in urology, infectious disease, and pharmacology provided examinations, logistical support, and surgical assistance at Nyapea Hospital.


Funded improvements to the Zombo District’s infrastructure to facilitate healthcare teams.  


Purchased medications and medical equipment from a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Kampala to resupply Nyapea Hospital's emergent needs.


Performed the initial assessment of the incidence and prevalence of soil-transmitted helminthiasis in the school children of Zombo District.