Compost Toilet Technology Receives Interest at Agricultural Trade Show in Jinja, Uganda

By Austin Price

In July, representatives from IMO attended the Source of the Nile National Agricultural & Trade Show, an annual exhibition hosted by the Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) in Jinja, Uganda, to present the compost toilet system as improved sanitation. The show provides local and foreign companies an avenue to present improved technologies in the area of sustainable agriculture.

Nene Terence, IMO’s Project Organizer in Uganda, explained to attendees the practice of compost toilets and how it contributes to community sanitation and health. He was accompanied by Oromcon Moses and Jakwonga Wilfred, who are significantly involved in the construction and expansion of compost toilet technology in IMO’s target community of Papoga.

For five busy days, they discussed sanitation with farmers, students, businessmen, civil servants, politicians, and teachers - including one interested headmaster in Jinja who oversees a school of 1423 students with no land for much needed latrine construction. 

“The demand for the compost toilets is high,” reported Terence. “I have received phone calls from more than 10 different groups from different parts of the country.”

These callers have requested IMO intervention for various reasons. Some landscapes prove too rocky for deep pit latrines. Others are too swampy. These difficulties often result in inadequately constructed latrines or open defecation. 

Even the host of the expo expressed personal interest in the technology. Each year, the number of attendees overwhelms the few toilet facilities at the show ground. In fact, Terence, Moses, and Wilfred had constructed a new wooden compost toilet to use while at the show.

To read more about compost toilets and how they influence health, read the report of the compost toilet project in Papoga, Uganda.