More Bunk Beds Make it to Bethel

BJS/Ukirwoth Sillar Ungala

BJS/Ukirwoth Sillar Ungala

In July 2013, the 86 boarded girls at Bethel Junior School in Zombo, Uganda, received beds through the generous donation of IMO's many partners and supporters. Their dormitory is now furnished with locally manufactured bunk beds and a mattress, blanket and mosquito net for each boarded girl.

A report from Bethel states that the beds have not only led to the girls' academic improvement and general health but also increased female enrollment and pursuit of high school admission. Unlike at many other schools in the district, the gender ratio at Bethel Junior School has become more level in previous years.

The overall success of this program has encouraged us to do the same for the 70 boys at Bethel. The 35 bunk bed frames have been constructed and delivered to the school. Mattresses, blankets and mosquito nets have yet to be purchased. 

To help us reach our goal for the upcoming school year, visit this project's page and follow the prompts to offer support.

Edit: Thanks to our many generous supporters, this project has been fully funded.