On the Ground: Nyapea Hospital, Uganda

As I round on patients on the general medicine ward at Nyapea Hospital with the medical staff, I remain amazed at the challenges they face here. It is not only that their patients have a multitude of medical problems. It is also that there are so many deficiencies. It is here in this place that the healthcare providers are forced to improvise many times throughout each and every day. 

In July we made a significant investment to Nyapea's laboratory which had been nonfunctional due to lack of reagents. These reagents were purchased and delivered by IMO, and put to use by Nyapea. Even today, although the supply is dwindling, patients continue to benefit. Our goal is to pursue health in as many ways as possible. This is one of those ways: to assist these local health care providers on the front lines in remote facilities with tools by which they are able to better deliver health care as they were trained to do.

Written by Todd M. Price MD while on the ground in Nyapea, Uganda in October 2016.