Donate towards Dress Up!

Why Dresses?

In January 2015, a friend of IMO saw a photograph of some girls at a primary school in a rural community of the West Nile region of Uganda in which we work. The ripped and tattered clothing inspired her to contribute brand-new dresses to these very same girls. Since then, we have continued to provide primary school girls in the area and elsewhere with perhaps their first brand new article of clothing. Beyond replacing old and worn clothing, these dresses are lifting self-esteem and increasing confidence.


  • Distribute new dresses to girls wearing noticeably bare, tattered, or torn clothing
  • Provide girls with an well-fitting and appropriately sized dress
  • Allow girls to choose a dress based on size availability
  • Provide protection from environmental elements
  • Implant a sense of dignity, value, and pride
  • Boost confidence and self-respect
  • Promote modesty


  • Girls will project confidence, poise, and a positive self-image
  • Girls will take an active role in school and other activities
  • Enrollment numbers for girls in local schools will increase

If you would like to donate dresses or would like more information about this project, contact Sue at


What kind of dresses?

 Simple yet colorful dresses ranging in size to fit girls from three to twelve years old.

Who receives dresses?

Girls from three to twelve years old living in extreme poverty in rural communities.