A few days after a major tsunami resulted in widespread devastation, IMO representatives met with the Indonesian Consulate in Houston to formulate a plan of action. The following February found IMO partnering with Somebody Cares, Indonesia to build a clinic in Banda Ache. IMO also sent a medical team to assist a local hospital in Banda Ache with high-quality, personal patient care.



Well before IMO was officially registered, IMO’s future founder had the opportunity to assist in many humanitarian efforts across this island nation. Examples include the offering of medical relief at a Vietnamese refugee camp outside of Manila; first aid instruction to those in an agricultural college on the island of Samar; construction of latrines near Iba, Zambales; and day school programs in Tondo slum of Metro-Manila among many others.

Perhaps the most compelling of all experiences occurred at the Provincial Hospital of Eastern Samar where the total lack of medical supplies resulted in premature deaths among children. IMO therefore made it a point to travel back to the Philippines to provide medical relief. Over the years, medical supplies and food have been shipped to the Philippines, and medical clinics surfaced in even the most remote of locations. These have included those in San Fernando, Baguio, Cabanatuan, and Manila on the main island of Luzon. In the Visayan group of islands medical clinic sites have included Dumaguete City, Bacolod, Tagbilaran City, and Calbayog.









Most recently, in 2007 IMO has provided donations of medications that have been distributed for anti-parasitic treatment of over six million children.


Provided 300,000 doses of anti-parasitic medication to infectious disease specialists for widespread distribution to those suffering from intestinal parasites.

IMO has provided assistance to short-term medical teams to Ho Chi Minh City over the years.