As in other locations, International Medical Outreach (IMO) began work in Mexico by the request of locals interested in assisting the sick in need. In 1996, a group involved with medical work near Oaxaca requested medications to augment an already established clinic. In 1999, the request came from a group in Ciudad Victoria, with follow up requests in April and June of 2000. IMO fulfilled these requests each time.

IMO began work in earnest in the state of Chihuahua in late 2007 by providing one million doses of anti-parasitic medication. IMO shipped an additional 700,000 doses in March of 2008 to bring the total number of children treated in the state of Chihuahua alone to 1.7 million. Also in 2008, a clinic for pregnant women or nursing mothers in the city of Chihuahua requested a variety of medications. IMO again provided them all. Additional programs supplemented by IMO commenced after IMO representatives met with the state governor and other governmental ministers. These campaigns include the following:

  • Administration of folic acid and prenatal vitamins for the Tarrahumara Indians of the Sierra Madre in the Copper Canyon area near Creel.
  • Supplementation of malaria treatment efforts in order to eradicate this disease in concert with Chihuahua State Ministry of Health physicians.
  • Support of a medication distribution program to support medical care to all areas of the state of Chihuahua.
  • An additional 1.5 million doses of parasitic medications were delivered to Chihuahua in November 2008.

Thus far, the medications distributed as part of this campaign exceed a value of over twenty million US dollars. These medications have been distributed across the state in various municipalities, hospitals, and clinic outposts.

Because IMO desired a more permanent presence for the delivery of healthcare in Chihuahua, negotiations with local entities for a permanent clinic, childcare center, and distribution center to be located in Chihuahua City was concluded successfully in April of 2009 when IMO took possession of a functional clinic on several acres.

Other government and non-government organizations have begun negotiations with IMO to establish similar programs in Guadalajara.

A group from Oaxaca once again requested assistance and IMO agreed to provide antibiotics, analgesics, and enough anti-parasitic medication to treat 300,000 children.

United States of America

In March of 2008, International Medical Outreach (IMO) donated a pair of new shoes to every one of the 224 students enrolled at Yellowstone Academy of Houston. Many, if not all, of the students in this school had poorly-protected feet and ill-fitting shoes. For most, this was the first time they had had their feet measured and given an appropriately sized, brand-new pair of shoes.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike in September and October of 2008, IMO facilitated the delivery of food packs and water to those in need.

IMO has been involved in collecting and shipping medications and medical supplies overseas since it’s inception in 1993. To better provide for those worldwide, IMO opened its Houston distribution center that began operations in 2007. Since then, IMO has been licensed by the State of Texas as a nonprofit Drug and Medical Device wholesale distributor allowing for much larger shipments to locations worldwide, including those to areas closer to home affected by recent disasters. The warehouse also has served as a staging area to assist other humanitarian organizations in similar endeavors. IMO allows for the expansion of this redistribution program by offering both local and national pickup service for donations of medications, medical supplies and medical equipment.