International Medical Outreach (IMO) was introduced to Bolivia in March of 1996 when a Houston-based, Bolivian-born pediatrician established a permanent clinic in Bolivia. IMO provided medications and medical supplies in support of this venture.

In June of 2000, this same pediatrician organized a medical surgical team from the USA to provide care at this clinic. IMO again sent medications and medical supplies to assist the surgical team in delivering care to those in need.


International Medical Outreach (IMO) sent a team to the slums of Rio de Janeiro in July 1995 to provide public health instruction concerning HIV and related diseases.


The core of International Medical Outreach (IMO) activity in Ecuador has been its ongoing feeding program since 1991. Initially, food was distributed throughout the slums of Guayaquil and eventually extended to the Riobamba and Playas areas. Also, medical supplies have been shipped to Guayaquil in support of a local clinic that targets poor and indigent patients and IMO has funded educational programs and provided grants for construction of both a school and clinic in Playas. Television and radio programs for health care instruction have also been provided throughout the country periodically through the years.

In February of 2002, IMO provided medications and sponsored a surgical team to render life saving surgery to a young woman from the Amazon area. Upon her recovery, she began distributing medical aid and food provided by IMO amongst the villages of the Amazon. IMO-sponsored vascular surgical teams have also operated on hundreds of people suffering from various painful ailments, particularly those afflicted with infected and otherwise disabling varicose veins.

In 2004, medical assistance was provided to inmates house in Guayaquil area prisons. Also during that year, IMO supplemented the meager diets to those living in a home for the aged.

In March of 2007, IMO assisted a gastroenterologist in a clinic near Quito, where hundreds received endoscopic surgery.

In early 2008, IMO provided one million doses of anti-parasitic medication in the midst of a severe flooding disaster.

Finally, IMO has agreed to provide HIV testing in the slums of Guayaquil in partnership with the city’s Ministry of Health and other nongovernmental agencies.


International Medical Outreach (IMO) has been involved in several humanitarian efforts in the Lima area since 1995 when an exploratory trip revealed medical needs among many. Temporary medical efforts were IMO’s answer to some of these problems, while a feeding program on the weekends served to sustain many children in Lima’s extremely impoverished neighborhoods. IMO also assisted the financing of a boat that served the medical needs of small villages along the Amazon near Iquitos. For several years these efforts brought relief to many that would have otherwise suffered longer and greater.

Recent efforts have been coordinated through networking with other nongovernmental agencies. In December of 2007, IMO donated and shipped one million doses of anti-parasitic medication that has since been distributed across the entire country to those in need.