Over the years, IMO has fulfilled requests for temporary medical clinics in various communities throughout India. These have included those in Delhi and Mumbai, as well as in Trivandrum in the southern state of Kerala, Katra in Kashmir, and Patankot in Punjab.

Additional IMO assistance has included feeding programs and medical supply donations, as well as funding for the construction of schools and clinics.


International Medical Outreach (IMO) was first invited to Nepal to provide care for prisoners in Kathmandu’s city jail. Recognizing the total lack of medical care in much of the country, IMO subsequently organized a medical brigade campaign in which healthcare workers were trained to treat common medical problems. IMO then equipped these same workers with emergency medical packs and sent them into the mountain villages to treat the sick guided by IMO protocols.


An IMO medical team trekked into villages in the Kathmandu Valley and in the southern Chitwan area where hundreds of at risk and in-need people received medical care.





Provided a remote mountain medical outpost with much-needed medications and supplied an orphanage in the Thamel area of Kathmandu with food.

Sri Lanka

An IMO medical team visited Colombo at the invitation of local authorities to render medical care across the city’s metropolitan area. Because the medical conditions in the war zones of Eastern Province were so desperate, the IMO team traveled into this devastated area and delivered much-needed, personal medical care to the refugees. While there, IMO funded a permanent structure whereby additional and ongoing care could be provided.